FBD Holdings plc

fbd holdings



FBD is an indigenous Irish organisation with over 50 years insurance experience and has grown into one of the country’s largest property and casualty insurers with over 500,000 loyal and satisfied customers.

Our shareholders take great pride in the fact that through their original investment they founded FBD Insurance, which is the main business of the quoted company, FBD Holdings plc.

Our 24.3% equity stake in FBD Holdings plc remains the largest single shareholding in the quoted company. In 2018, we invested a further €20m in FBD Holdings plc by way of a loan note from which we currently receive 5 % per annum. 

The Board’s policy is to maintain our stake in FBD Holdings plc as a long term investment in the expectation of both a return to dividend income and capital appreciation.

Please visit www.fbdgroup.com for more information on FBD Holdings plc and www.fbd.ie for more information on FBD Insurance plc.