Shareholder Information

This section provides shareholders, potential shareholders and estates’ representatives with ready access to useful shareholder information.

If the information you are looking for is not covered, you are welcome to contact the Company Secretary and we will do our best to help you.

Obviously, the Company can only provide certain information including market sensitive information in an appropriate manner through our annual reports, public statements and at shareholders’ meetings. 


Share Transfers & Share Certificates

Shareholders or executors acting on behalf of estates who wish to transfer shares or have share certificates reissued, for which fees apply, should contact the company’s registrar, Link Registrars Limited, 149 The Capel Building, Mary's Abbey, Dublin 7, D07 DP79.

Tel 01-5530050 or email


Dividend Payments

Queries related to share dividend payments and the cancellation and reissue of dividend cheques, for which fees apply, should also be directed to Link Registrars Limited as above.


Share Valuation

Davy Select operates a private grey market in the Company’s ordinary shares. For share valuation purposes, for example for gifts and inheritances, we regard the private grey market value on the appropriate date as the value to be used. Details of all trades on the private grey market since January 2016 are available here. 

For valuation requests before January 2016, please contact the Company Secretary.


FBD Insurance Discount

Both existing and new farming shareholders, who hold at least 10,000 ordinary shares in Farmer Business Developments plc, qualify for a 10% discount on their general insurance premiums with FBD Insurance. FBD has a proven track record of delivering a superior product and service to its customers.


Becoming a New Farmer Shareholder

Farmer Business Developments plc welcomes new farmer shareholders.

Farmers who do not hold shares in the Company may apply to be approved as new shareholders. To be approved, applicants must be both members of IFA and farming customers of FBD Insurance plc for a minimum of three years in each case at the time of application. All applications are to be submitted to the Company Secretary on the application form

Once new farmer investors are approved by the Company, they may apply to Davy Select to buy shares on the Company’s private grey market or they may purchase shares privately from an existing shareholder.


Stake Building

Please note that no new shareholder will be allowed accumulate a total stake of over 550,000 ordinary shares, which is approx 1% of the issued share capital. The Board retains its absolute discretion to decline to register any new shareholder or transaction.


14% and 11% Non-Cumulative Preference Shares

Some of our shareholders hold preference shares, which are so-called because they have priority over ordinary shares in certain respects. There are two classes, as follows


- 14% Non-Cumulative Preference Shares of €1.27 each

The annual dividend payable is 14% of the face value, which is 17.78 cent before Dividend Withholding Tax.

While there is no grey market in these shares, they may be traded privately between shareholders. They are often purchased by the FBD Trust Company Ltd, which pays €2.54 per share.


- 11% Non-Cumulative Preference Shares of 13 cent each

These pay an annual dividend of 11% of the face value, which is 1.43 cent per share before DWT. 

Again, there is no grey market but they may be traded privately and the FBD Trust Company Ltd pays 20 cent per share.


The FBD Trust Company Ltd can be contacted at FBD House, Naas Road, Bluebell, Dublin 12, ph 01-4093200 and email